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September 07, 2002 -Amphibious Operations Training Exercise

SAN DIEGO(NNS)- The USS Boxer(LHD4) amphibious Ready Group (ARG) recently participated in an Amphibious Operations Training (AOT)exercise with the 24th Marine Air/Ground Task Force (MAGTF). AOT's are regular exercises that hone Navy and Marine Corps amphibious assault skills. While the three-day exercise was intended to be an training opportunity for the MAGTF, it was also a benefit to the Boxer ARG. The ARG consists of Boxer and the amphibious assault ships USS Comstock (LSD 45) and USS Cleveland (LPD 7).

Posted by: FN Date: 09/07/2002

Sept. 10 2002 - USS George Phillip Returns To East Timor For Humanitarian Visit

East Timor(NNS) -- Sailors aboard USS George Phillip (FFG 12) arrived off the coast here Sept. 4 as part of a continuing commitment of the U.S. Navy to support the United States Support Group East Timor (USGET) activities in East Timor. The San Diego-based guided-missile frigate arrived here from duty in the Indian Ocean for the second time in four weeks.

Posted by: FN Date: 09/10/2002

October 2002 - U.S. and Morocco Team Up for Exercise Med Shark 2002

In 1777, Morocco's Sultan Sidi Muhammad Ben Abdullah granted U.S. ships permission to enter his ports, thus becoming one of the first foreign leaders to recognize the US as a new nation. Now more than 225 years later, the U.S. still enjoys bilateral relations with the Kingdom of Morocco.The latest chapter in the two nations' relationship is Exercise "Med Shark 2002," a joint training exercise involving the USS George Washington (CVN 73) Battle Group and elements of the Royal Moroccan Navy and Air Force. The exercise,conducted in the Eastern Atlantic Ocean, has proved to be an excellent opportunity for U.S. and Moroccan Sailors and aviators to sharpen their combat skills in both the air surface warfare and warfare arenas.

Posted by: Francois NOTRE Date: 10/31/2002

Oct. 15th, 2002 - Naval Forces Participate in Exercise Destined Glory

NAPLES, Italy(NNS)- More than 5,000 crewmembers from USS George Washington (CVN 73), CAW 17 and four other Navy ships are currently taking part in NATO exercise Destined Glory 2002 off the western and southern coasts of Italy. Destined Glory runs through Oct. 15 and includes Naval, air and land forces totaling 61 ships,100 aircraft and more than 8,000 personnel from 12 nations. It is NATO's largest Med. amphibious exercise. From Spanish landing ship Castilla's bridge on the day of the exercise's kickoff,French,British and Spanish warships were spread out through Naples Bay,including the aircraft carriers HMS Ark Royal and Spanish Principe de Asturias. Once ashore, the forces will conduct live fire exercises at nearby ranges. Fry said that Destined Glory 2002 has been in the planning phase for about a year. For related news, visit the Commander, Fleet Air Mediterranean Navy NewsStand page at

Posted by: Francois NOTRE Date: 10/15/2002

Oct. 15th, 2002 - Battle Group Tests Cooperative Engagement Capability

PORT HUENEME,Calif (NNS)- Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC)Port Hueneme culminated months of work on USS Chosin (CG 65) and USS Princeton (CG 59) in the first ever combined battle group operations, training, and Combat Systems Ship Qualification Trials (CSSQT) recently. During Chosin's recent overhaul, NSWC Port Hueneme performed various combat systems upgrades and a number of ship alterations (SHIPALTs) to equip it with Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC). Additionally, NSWC Port Hueneme upgraded Chosin's Advanced Tomahawk Weapons Control System by replacing legacy equipment associated with Post Block III using commercial off the shelf hardware. NSWC Port Hueneme also performed similar SHIPALTs on Princeton. NSWC Port Hueneme performed CEC upgrades for a number of East Coast ships.

Posted by: Francois NOTRE Date: 10/15/2002

Oct. 9th, 2002 NAVSEA Introduces New Minehunting Sonar to Fleet

WASHINGTON (NNS) --Naval Sea Systems Command introduced a new minehunting sonar system to the fleet last week that will enhance mine clearance operations. NAVSEA introduced the AN/AQS-14A (V1) helicopter towed minehunting sonar system to Helicopter HM-14 at NAS Norfolk. The AN/AQS-14A (V1), developed by Northrop Grumman Corp., is a side-looking sonar system towed by an electromechanical cable. The AN/AQS-14A and the AN/AQS-14A(V1)are the only airborne high-speed minehunting sonar systems currently deployed in the Navy. The system uses high-power, solid state technology to provide high-resolution imagery to locate mine-like objects. Operators view the underwater sonar imagery on a video monitor to detect and classify objects on a real-time basis. The AN/AQS-14A (V1) also has a laser electro-optical mine identification upgrade, giving operators the capability to identify mines.

Posted by: Francois NOTRE Date: 10/09/2002