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ARCHIVE 2001 - Avia News Total Messages  7
12/11/2001 - EX Soviet Instructors

Some EX Soviet Commando Instructors (who were in the Red Army during the Afganistan War) are working for the USMC for their Training purpose.--- Je lisais que l'USMC emploie en ce moment a Quantico en Virginie (Camp d'evaluation/test USMC) des anciens Instruteurs de commando des Forces Rouge durant la guerre d'Afganistan

Posted by: FN Date: 12/11/2001

12/11/2001 - Ukraine / Tupolev-154 incident

Le Ministre de la defense Ukrainien demissione suite au tir par erreur sur un Tupolev civile. C'est la deuxieme fois qu'un missile d'entrainement est tire par erreur sur des civiles; en avril 2000, un missile s'etait abattu sur un immeuble tuant 3 personnes... UKRAINIAN DEFENSE MINISTER SACKED IN WAKE OF ERRANT MISSILE: A mistake that caused the deaths of 78 civilians has led to the resignation/sacking of the Ukrainian Defense Minister. On October 4, a Russian Tu-154 airliner on its way to Siberia crashed into the Black Sea after being struck by an S-200 missile. In April 2000, a defective missile fired during exercises hit an apartment complex near Kiev, killing three.
Posted by: Francois Date: 29/10/2001

Posted by: FN Date: 12/11/2001

12/11/2001 - X-35B - Lockheed Martin wins JSF contract

Summary from Air Force Print News
WASHINGTON -- Competition for the Air Force's newest multirole aircraft ended Oct. 26 when AF Secretary announced the winner. There will be three variants of the JSF:
conventional takeoff and landing variant for the AF; a carrier-deck compatible variant for the Navy; and a short takeoff and vertical landing variant for the USMC and UK.
"The JSF will be the world's premiere strike platform beginning in 2008 and lasting through 2040," The JSF will allow for migration by U.S. forces to an almost all stealth fighter force by 2025. The USAF will be the largest JSF customer, purchasing 1,763 of the conventional version. The USMC is expected to purchase 609 of the short takeoff and vertical landing aircraft variant. The RAF and navy are also expected to order 150 of the STOVL variant. The Navy is expected to buy about 480 of the carrier variant.
Posted by: Francois NOTRE Date: 26/10/2001

Posted by: FN Date: 12/11/2001

Le Gripen / Pays de l'Est

La vente de 24 ou 36 Gripen devrait se confirmer pour equiper la force aerienne Tcheque, du plus un contrat de leasing au pres de la Hongrie est en negociation.
Maintenant faisant partie de l'otan, ces deux pays seraient les premiers utilisateurs du Gripen a l'export au sein de l'otan.

Posted by: FN Date: 12/11/2001

Honeywell/ Dassault

Honeywell will supply the Dassault Falcon 7X business jet its EASy Flight Deck avionics, APU, Air Management System (AMS) and, with Parker Aerospace, the Hydraulic Power Generation system. The Falcon 7X is a new, long-range business jet capable of 5700 NM nonstop, max speed 0.90 Mach.

Posted by: FN Date: 12/11/2001

From USN News -Team Effort Saves Air Force Bomber

American Forces Press Service WASHINGTON -- Imagine ejecting from an
out-of-control aircraft in the middle of the night over the Indian Ocean.
The four-man crew of a 20th Bomb Wing B-1B Lancer did just that and were
rescued through the efforts of service
members in the air and on the water.
Air Force Capt. William Steele, mission commander, said his aircraft had
multiple malfunctions. "We found the aircraft was out of control and we had
to eject," Steele said.
The crew suffered minor injuries in the incident. "Going through an ejection like that was about the most violent thing I've ever felt," he said. The aircraft went down at night. The crew spent about two hours in the water before being rescued.

Posted by: FN Date: 12/14/2001

Les Mirage 2000 ont remplace les mirage F1 a Djibouti

Posted by: Ph Notre Date: 12/30/2001